Artisan Lumber Supply


We have a full acre of local hardwoods for sale in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Our hardwoods include white oak, red oak, black oak, hard and soft maple, cherry, walnut, green ash, sassafras and more. Many of these stacks are rough sawn and have been air-drying for several years  which is what I recommend before kiln drying. If you want to pick out air-dried boards from the stacks, we offer to kiln dry them on site.


We have a board room that is chock full of boards that have been kiln-dried and planed. Many have a natural edge and are highly figured. These boards are priced per board.


There are treasures in every stack and our supply is always changing. Come see what speaks to you!



All items are available for viewing/pickup at our shop.

Book matched fiddle back  ash (left) same single board


 Figured cherry

Book matched walnut crotch wood

Figured hard maple crotch wood

 2 1/2"  Burl sassafras

 Burl sassafras

Fiddle back green ash, quilted cherry, walnut, hard maple

Walnut disc

Red elm disc

Box elder disc

Spalted maple disc

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