The Wood Doctor

Ever since owner Bill Cerny held his first bow saw as a little boy, he has been fascinated by the character and color of wood.  Where most of us look at a log and see firewood, Bill sees the potential for a unique piece of furniture or wood accessory.


A true master craftsman, Bill saws his own logs, dries the wood on outside stacks, kiln dries the boards, and only then is he ready to fashion a distinctive wood article.

Bill uses a variety of hardwoods—such as white oak, red oak, walnut, cherry, sycamore, and maple.   Quarter-sawing these logs reveals the medular rays and other distinctive patterns that are lost when logs are commercially slab sawn.  Instead of straight edging a board, Bill peels the bark edge away to reveal eyepopping curves and pitted edges.   As a seasoned woodworker, Bill can take logs that look the worst due to wormholes, decay or disease and transform them into the most interesting designs with eye-catching appeal.



The beauty of wood and the process of transforming a log into a functional art piece have continued to capture Bill’s attention and appreciation over the years.  The bonus for his family and customers is a home filled with amazing, beautiful pieces which will be treasured for generations to come.



For those who are traditionally minded, Bill offers pieces in the Arts & Crafts line.  Bill prefers this style because it uniquely showcases quality joinery plus the natural beauty of top grade wood the way it was made 100 years ago.   Joinery techniques include mortise-and-tenon and   wooden pegs for frame construction, dovetail joints, and bowties.  These methods of joinery allow for an exact fit and can withstand a lot of abuse.


Bill Cerny is a solo artisan working from his home log yard and shop, complete with a “boardroom,” where customers can pick out whatever boards catch their eye for Bill to customize an heirloom for them.  He also has a room of finished products for sale or as inspiration for a new creation.





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